Yarn for crocheting and knitting

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Dark coffee Leather Look knitted yarn, 50 m
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Black Leather Look knitted yarn, 50 m

Yarn is a thread twisted from fibers that are arranged longitudinally and sequentially. Yarn is made from both natural fibers and various chemical fibers.

There are so many types of yarn, different in composition, from different manufacturers, that you could go on for a very long time and describe it all... but we would like to tell you in more detail about Turkish yarn from the manufacturer Maccaroni.

What knitting yarn is presented in the Raffia Kyiv online store?

Our Raffia Kyiv store offers Turkish yarn from the manufacturer Maccaroni. These environmentally friendly, and most importantly high-quality products have long won the hearts of Ukrainian craftswomen, and we are very pleased to present you with two of the most popular types of yarn:

  • Metallic;
  • Leather look.

Yarn Metallic

This is simply an incredibly beautiful knitted, virgin yarn with lurex coating. Maccaroni® Metallic is made from high-quality ecological knitted lurex fabric, which, compared to competing metallic yarns, eliminates the possibility of fraying. All this makes products made from this yarn not only beautiful, stylish, but also resistant to wear.

Metallic yarn is ideal for knitting stylish bags, clutches and home decor. This yarn is suitable for crocheting and knitting.

Characteristics of Metallic yarn:

  • yarn width – 6÷8 mm;
  • length – 60÷65 m;
  • weight – 225÷250 g;
  • recommended hook - 7-9 mm;
  • recommended knitting needles - 7-9 mm.

Yarn Leather look

Leather look yarn is a knitted primary yarn from the Turkish manufacturer Maccaroni.

Leather-look yarn is made from high-quality ecological knitted fabric that imitates the surface of leather, with a slight relief in the texture.

The yarn is pleasant to work with, has a long-lasting color, and is an ideal material for needlework - products made from it are strong and durable, look luxurious and hold their shape perfectly. Used for knitting bags, backpacks, clutches, slippers, baskets, as well as a variety of home decor items.

The yarn can only be washed by hand in water at a temperature not exceeding 30 °C.

Characteristics of Leather look yarn:

  • composition – knitted polyester fabric 100%;
  • yarn width – 4 mm;
  • length – 50 m;
  • weight – 170 g;
  • recommended hook - 4-6 mm.

Where to buy yarn in Ukraine?

You can choose and buy suitable yarn for crocheting and knitting in our store raffia.kyiv.ua. We offer delivery by the transport company “Novaya Poshta”, as well as by the national postal operator “Ukrposhta” throughout Ukraine and the world. You can also pick up your order from the station. m. Nivki in agreement with the manager from Monday to Friday.

When ordering from us, you can be sure of high quality products and a decent level of service.

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