Fittings for backpacks, baskets and bags

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Freddo acrylic chainlet, 21 mm
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Craft acrylic chainlet, 21 mm
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Round plywood bottoms of different sizes

For handles in bags and bottoms in baskets, you need fittings, unless of course your product requires complete knitting of all parts and pieces. With the help of accessories, you can add notes of individualism and interesting accents, and also significantly facilitate the knitting process. Are there any differences between bag fittings and basket fittings? Let's understand all this using the example of our products.

What accessories for knitted bags and baskets are available in the Raffia Kyiv store?

Our store offers a wide variety of accessories for knitted bags, baskets, backpacks, Panama hats, and even accessories for home decor, some of which are exclusive.

When knitting and weaving any products, you can use knitting tools such as:

  • crochet hooks;
  • plastic needles;
  • steel needles;
  • stitch markers;
  • organizer-holder for raffia (very loved by raffia knitting masters).

All these tools are necessary or simply make the knitting process much easier. For example, with stitch markers it is much easier to knit in several colors, not get lost in patterns, and track the beginning of a row when knitting in the round.

Accessories for knitted bags, hats and home decor are:

  • metal;
  • leather;
  • wooden (wooden blanks);
  • plastic.

Metal fittings

Metal fittings for bags, clutches and backpacks are made from high-quality zinc alloys with galvanic coating. Such products are safe for humans and practically unaffected by the environment.

All metal fittings, which are produced exclusively to order for our online store "Rafia Kiev", are coated with high-quality electrolytic galvanic coating, which gives additional rigidity and wear resistance, as well as anti-corrosion and decorative properties.

All the necessary metal accessories for bags and other knitted products are presented in a wide range:

  • screws;
  • locks;
  • carbines;
  • carabiner rings;
  • buttons;
  • chains;
  • eyelets;
  • tips;
  • legs;
  • half rings;
  • frames and buckles;
  • holders;
  • clasps;
  • holniten;
  • rods;
  • tools.

All this metal fittings are made to order from our store, so most of it has an exclusive palette of nine colors:

  • gold;
  • matte gold;
  • pink gold
  • nickel;
  • dark nickel;
  • dark matte nickel;
  • brushed nickel;
  • antique;
  • matte black.

Leather fittings

Leather fittings add a certain charm and style not only to knitted or wicker handbags, but also to baskets. You can always choose the bottom, handles and even a leather tag in the same color as the yarn, or vice versa - a contrasting color.

Absolutely all leather accessories presented in our online store "Rafia Kyiv" are produced in our own workshop from high-quality genuine leather carefully selected by craftsmen.

You can choose and buy the following leather accessories for knitted bags and baskets and be sure of its high quality:

  • leather bottoms;
  • leather handles;
  • leather basket handles;
  • leather accessories;
  • leather sets for bags.

Wooden blanks

Wooden fittings in knitted products not only look very aesthetically pleasing, but greatly facilitate the knitting process. Just imagine - you can choose any plywood bottom and knit a basket around it from any yarn you like. You can also knit various other home accessories, such as napkin holders, using wooden blanks.

All wooden fittings presented on the website are made to order from our store. On the website you can find exclusive wooden blanks:

  • figured plywood bottoms;
  • round plywood bottoms;
  • oval plywood bottoms;
  • rectangular plywood bottoms;
  • plywood sets for napkin holders;
  • plywood handles for bags;
  • rings;
  • beads;
  • tool (knitting organizer).

Plastic fittings

The plastic accessories presented on our website are made of high quality plastic and will be an ideal assistant in creating your masterpieces.

Acrylic chains will become an indispensable decor for handbags, and thanks to plastic canvas you can create incredibly beautiful clutches.

Where to buy accessories for bags and baskets in Ukraine?

You can choose and buy accessories for a bag, clutch or basket in our store We offer delivery by the transport company “Novaya Poshta”, as well as by the national postal operator “Ukrposhta” throughout Ukraine and the world. You can also pick up your order from the station. m. Nivki in agreement with the manager from Monday to Friday.

When ordering from us, you can be sure of high quality products and a decent level of service.

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